a thank you note to the universe.

the universe

Photo taken in Buenos Aires, Argentina with my Nikon SLR: March 2011


Dear Universe,

It’s me again. With all this talk about gratitude from Thanksgiving last week, I thought it would be appropriate to send you a little thank you note, too.

A few months ago, we spoke about my father. I had reached out to you to return the sparkle to daddy’s eyes.

Since then, I’ve talked to you often in my meditations, and like you always do, you told me to just let it all be.

What’s meant will happen.

So, in true mindful fashion, I let go.

I didn’t worry every time I hung up the phone with daddy of what tomorrow would hold, (or at least, I didn’t worry most of the time).

Even when he had that horrible fever, no wifi to FaceTime or see each other, I waited.

He was India, this was the new step, miles and miles away, I trusted.

I trusted you. I trusted daddy’s gut feeling on being there. I trusted myself to be able send positive vibration.

And then without a word, you graciously answered me.

In the most surprising, joyous, amazing way.

His transplant. His surgery.

“Is this really happening?”

I cried, smiling.

I couldn’t believe, on that day of gratitude, what you had sent us. My mother, siblings, husband, aunts, uncles, cousins, all of our many friends and even my little toddler daughter… in prayer mudra.

Oh thank you, as an understatement, thank you universe for your generosity, for the learning, and ultimately, for daddy’s sparkle. It’s coming back, I feel it.