footprints of our future.

It was the look in his eyes when he said he was thinking of going, but was concerned about leaving me alone so pregnant…. I could see his calling, how deeply he wanted to just…explore.

And so as I held my round belly with our child in it, I told my husband Amish to take off. And in true Indian Jones fashion, he did.

I remember when he got the book way before that moment, the thick old looking one by SR Rao…The Lost City of Dvaraka.

He was intrigued, fascinated, and consumed the knowledge. As I studied Patanjali for my yoga teacher training those evenings, I would hear him tell me facts on Dwarka in bed, on the evidence and history.

We were creating these vibrations and sanskara for Laila without knowing it.

Then in the midst of completing the paperwork for our nonprofit organization, The Shah Education and Exploration Foundation: SEEF, (which was my dream I had envisioned for our footprints on this earth together), this vision came to him. It felt stronger even more so, with the tiny feet that kicked my belly at the time. He said his calling to Dwarka would all connect to SEEF, it was going to come full circle.

And here we are now…and it did.

When he got back from India, he was thinking of a name. He needed something to do with this amazing idea he had about exploring and preserving areas like Dwarka, other lost cities and historical places. “Ancient explorers?” I said. “That’s gotta be taken online,” he said. But it wasn’t. It was just waiting…for this.

His passion and drive to discover might have been what created this documentary, even when he never had the intention of creating it…it just happened with events and people that came into his life for it. So…it feels like it’s more than just that. Like a message, or larger idea the universe is conveying…telling us to explore. To find. To discover the truth. To create these footprints of our future.

The documentary goes live next week on Thursday May 1st, 2014… so sign up for the free screening at Ancient Explorers…and walk this path with us to re-create history.

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