let’s dance.


Photo taken with my Canon: Palm Springs, CA in April 2011


In the busy moments of our every day, as night falls and the moon dances in the sky, I was reminded that life’s moments and the presence of love, are what keep this song alive. A quote I once heard by the author Barbara D’Angelis, came to mind:

“The journey in between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life takes place.”  

 I wrote this poem before falling asleep last night. Remember to stop to dance today.

Let’s Dance

By: Puja Shah

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Kids For Peace

Photo taken with my iPhone in my home, (I edited).

An organization I support called Kids For Peace is in New York, my old stomping grounds this week. As they enter subways, turn avenues and stop at food carts, I will be thinking of how special it will be for my fellow New Yorkers to see these vibrant, inspirational children handing out paper hearts with words of peace, and on such perfect timing…only a week after the day that changed NYC those years ago.

The kids will present their peace pledge, in pic above, to the United Nations and I wrote and recited this poem just for them-our future peace heroes… (click to play poem below):

Kids for Peace: a poem by Puja Shah