backyard adventures.


Photo taken with my Canon digital camera: St. Louis, MI: USA

There’s this VHS tape in my parents home titled, “Puja and Mili’s Backyard Adventures”  in my mother’s Indian-English cursive handwriting on one of those old vertical labels gracing the black edge of hours of footage my parents captured as my sister and I explored our small world.

If you know me and my sister, this title is highly appropriate for all our phases of life together. I was always the visionary and story teller, as we dug for buried treasure on Gerald Lane and built forts of magazines on Jamaica Avenue and she was always the explorer and up for the adventure. If you know my sister now, she is still always up for the adventure, no matter how large.

This poem, is a dedication to her recent courage, to step into being my father and our family’s hero.

As we patiently wait… for however all of this unfolds.

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