family prayer for home.

puja-shah copyrighted

When men raise their daughters with honor, patience and affection rather than restrictive controlling made to oppress her true essence, she will become a leader, strong and confidant. When she respects herself, men will respect her.

When men raise their sons with loving guidance rather than physical and verbal bullying, he will be a leader, strong and confidant. When he learns to respect the women around him, everyone will respect him.

When women nurture their children from belly to body, heart beat to heart love, cord to breast, breath to smile, their children feel roots in their world, powerful and courageous.

When men treat their wives with gratitude, respect and compassion, and caress their beauty then their women open their vessels of unconditional love and strengthen their family in divine power, bringing in ever flowing abundance.

When wives treat their husbands with gratitude, respect and compassion, honor their protection, their men shine with pride.

When children witness this union, they feel secure and grow well.

Businesses flourish, homes thrive as a unit, health is vibrant and leaders emerge.

Abandon the actions encountered and dogmatic beliefs held and engrained by previous generations and ancestors who accepted interpretations of truth. Nurture the inner and divine equality of love. True yin and yang. Both are needed, both are important, both are alone powerful, but need each other to create the purity of what makes up consciousness.

Do not worry what this looks like.

Do not worry what seems right or how things were done before. Do not worry about the things that should be. Do not worry about rules in rituals that came far after the golden time of unspoken understanding. That was an old home of ego.


This is our new home. Our rules. Our essence.

Home is the current place of hearts.

When things get blurry…


These inner gifts we individually have.

Follow and trust the voice of heart.

Praise your partner. Praise your children.

Lift your partner, lift your children.

Raise your head to the sun when patterns of the conditioning surface. When ego blares or unconscious flashes seep in.

Cold words and shoulders are not welcome in this home where warmth meets eyes and fingertips.

Even in the hardest of moments…

Melt away any doubt, fear and awaken to this presence.

To do it at other way goes against the grain of innate wisdom. Of the natural elemental energy we are one with.

This is our dharma as partners. As parents. As souls in this realm.

This is the home that Buddha can say is oneness.

This is the home that Vishnu’s serpent brings treasures to reside in.

This is the home that Lakshmi chooses to light.

This our chosen home.

a thank you note to the universe.

the universe

Photo taken in Buenos Aires, Argentina with my Nikon SLR: March 2011


Dear Universe,

It’s me again. With all this talk about gratitude from Thanksgiving last week, I thought it would be appropriate to send you a little thank you note, too.

A few months ago, we spoke about my father. I had reached out to you to return the sparkle to daddy’s eyes.

Since then, I’ve talked to you often in my meditations, and like you always do, you told me to just let it all be.

What’s meant will happen.

So, in true mindful fashion, I let go.

I didn’t worry every time I hung up the phone with daddy of what tomorrow would hold, (or at least, I didn’t worry most of the time).

Even when he had that horrible fever, no wifi to FaceTime or see each other, I waited.

He was India, this was the new step, miles and miles away, I trusted.

I trusted you. I trusted daddy’s gut feeling on being there. I trusted myself to be able send positive vibration.

And then without a word, you graciously answered me.

In the most surprising, joyous, amazing way.

His transplant. His surgery.

“Is this really happening?”

I cried, smiling.

I couldn’t believe, on that day of gratitude, what you had sent us. My mother, siblings, husband, aunts, uncles, cousins, all of our many friends and even my little toddler daughter… in prayer mudra.

Oh thank you, as an understatement, thank you universe for your generosity, for the learning, and ultimately, for daddy’s sparkle. It’s coming back, I feel it.