mon ami.

my soulmate

Photo: Malaysia, the mossy forest of Cameron Highlands with my Nikon SLR: Sept. 2011

Dear soulmate,

I’m celebrating you today, as are all the people you have helped, changed, touched, given to, inspired and loved.

You see, I have known you for a long time now.

“Play fighting under covers and all…”

I may not know details about the candy tantrum as a child, (except what I heard from your sis), or the Krishna play, (except the old photograph I kept from your mom), but I know of a boy who had big dreams.

Who got lost in Shaolin, whose knees played hard on the b-ball court, who made a teacher or two cry.

We shared secrets. More than you ever told anyone, even your family, you said.

I know of a time you told me you were ready to exit. But we agreed, after those hours of talking on a landline as young hearts, that it was worth it to stay.

I’m so glad you did. I knew you would.

Because you too knew your greatness inside and soon broke free of the Jersey mold you never found your true self in. Of all that felt like shackles.

“You went from negative to positive…”

It was dime bags to briefcases to suitcases to a surf board.

And here we are.

It’s that sunset over waters thing in your eyes that makes my tummy still dance.

“But nobody said it was easy…”

This year was transformative to say the least. A trip with Hoffman to all that Panchakarma, your growth shines in our little family.

Our little family.

There’s ups and downs with these tides, but it’s that ocean’s pull that’s always strongest.

“So let the world spin madly on” …

And just walk with me in the ocean of my heart, mon Ami.

Your waves are making history.

Happiest, happiest birthday.