momma earth.

Photo taken with my Digital Canon: My favorite look-out in La Jolla, CA

The other day, the most beautiful thing happened. Laila and I were sitting outside and there was a slight breeze swaying the tall Eucalpytus trees we have lining our backyard and she looked up at them and started talking. Then she stopped and started laughing.

She was talking to the trees.

It was so natural, in this profoundly poignant yet simple way. Like, no biggie, just being one with nature mommy.

Recently, I worked on a lesson plan for kids for the Next Generation Yoga Lesson Plan Club we launched…and the topic: Earth Day is Every Day.

So it was no wonder then, with spring here, with this past week’s celebration of Earth Day, that I keep feeling nature all around me, and decided to listen to her, to momma earth, like Laila does, to hear what she has to tell me. Here’s what flowed through my heart:

Dear Child,

Like the water that birthed you,

my waters are filled with a history

far deeper

than any diver has dwelled.

they create a life-force

where all cells thrive

Like your first gasp of air

to your belly filled laughter through the years

My trees

hold prana

in their ageless rooted trunks

their delicate branches

and soft leaves

Like the tender arms that cared for you

My soil needs love

and an energy

that cannot be found in bull dozers and concrete replacements

your brothers and sisters have mistaken as truth

When I swell or my waters flow over or winds turn with a fierce blow

I am not angry with you,

I am not taking it out on you or trying to teach you a lesson

Like a clogged heart reminds the the body

with a stop.

we are symbiotic, she says.

i love my children


but cannot

swim through oil spills

breathe through pink polluted skies

grow with paved gardenless paths

to provide for you

my child

let’s meet in the middle

of a starry sky, glowing moon open meadow

and you can perhaps find peace, reciprocity, love

for the boundless gifts I hope to keep giving

so in the next morning

my sun can shine deeply

and nourish your soul.





  1. Sarah says:


  2. jodi komitor says:

    oh wow ~ such words of truth … you inspire me greatly. thank you.

  3. Puja says:

    thank you jodi, feeling is likewise 🙂

  4. Puja says:

    thank you sarah:)