let’s dance.


Photo taken with my Canon: Palm Springs, CA in April 2011


In the busy moments of our every day, as night falls and the moon dances in the sky, I was reminded that life’s moments and the presence of love, are what keep this song alive. A quote I once heard by the author Barbara D’Angelis, came to mind:

“The journey in between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life takes place.”  

 I wrote this poem before falling asleep last night. Remember to stop to dance today.

Let’s Dance

By: Puja Shah

silent breath

as we linger sleep

she comes first

selfish callings aside

in our world

of running hugs

and little hands

holding out

your and my heart


between morning mantras

and afternoon meetings

we smile

from a walk by your swivel chair

and you want a quick kiss from us



little moments

nightfall and


of her pitter patter

as long days

come to dusk

the moon

finds us

finding each other


i miss the romance sometimes

tired eyes

hands under pillow

 but feet always meet to settle

for the warmth of one another

so in the morning

when your slumber has left

and we find a moment

somewhere between what comes first

let’s dance


her eyes light up


you and i


these are

le temps d’amour

mon ami


let’s dance