her father’s thumb.

fathers day

Growing up, my father meant the world to me and vice versa. He still does. So, it makes my heart smile when I see my husband with my daughter, his pure love shining bright. Happy father’s day to my amazing husband. You know, she may have my eyes…but you are right, she totally has your thumb.
thumb poem


Same thumbs



Your hand on

Her and my heartbeats

From the womb days

Found an opening

In you

My soulmate

Your eyes have purity

Only truth can radiate

From within

As you

Hold her

As thumb meets thumb

And you smile

My dancing soul

And singing heart

Soar high

And when I hold your hand

Run my tic tac fingers to your wide thumb

I am reminded

Of our days


This sacred place we have made

For her

From our own teenage thumb wars

To a genetic code that goes beyond

Just thumbs

This is it, baby

This is love.

 Written By: Puja Shah

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