blooming patience.

Photo taken with my iPhone, (I edited): Small local farm in Southern California during a private fundraiser with Jason Mraz

Recently, my daughter has been teething and going through a growth spurt so has decided that 11 pm , instead of 8 pm, is her new bedtime. While my husband and I have had a “good sleeper” on our hands for most her months, with this new bedtime behavior, she just wants to play and laugh the whole time, and has truly tested our patience. It seems that suddenly now, dishes don’t always get done after dinner, the work I had saved to type up or get done that night after she went to bed is waiting for me and when she gets up at her normal 5-6 am wake up call, I am not always at my peppiest, especially if I worked hours into the night.

Along with this new behavior, she has adopted a few other things, though…

She hides under blankets and reveals her face giggling at her own peek-a-boo game, she rests her head at the nape of my neck every once in awhile, putting her little palm at my heart and smiles for some quick love, she gives kisses with her forehead, (my brother called them third eye kisses), and she imitates the sounds of words, (not the full word, but the way it sounds)…for example, when she sees our Tibetan singing bowl or manjira, she says “uhmmm”, (her version of aum).

Our precious flower.

She is ever changing, she is blooming, and the slow, yet happening-so-quick unfolding, even the hard times, is just beautiful. Thank you Laila, for reminding me about patience, mommy loves you. Good night.