Yoga is a way of life. It finds its way into all parts of our lives, all the facets of our body, mind and soul that make us whole.

My practice extends to teaching with a 200 hr. Yoga Alliance Vinyasa Yoga certification as well as a specialized certifications in teaching children yoga, (Next Generation Yoga). But mindfulness and yoga itself has really been part of my life for many years prior to that.

My work with Deep Origins includes creating the meditations and visualizations for Project Yourself.


I am a forever creative writer of short stories and poetry and currently working on a novel with a focus on international women’s rights issues. My first ever published children’s book, Laila’s Lullaby, shares words of compassion, truth and strength for our children’s awareness within themselves. My second book, How To Breath Like Lions and Dragons, offers pranayama, breath work, tools for little ones. In the past, I wrote for a blog I co-founded, now @thechaimommas, about all mommy things…as a mother, I find beauty in life through the eyes of my amazing children.


In my “past life” as a dentist, I extended my heart to community health clinics and also provided international outreach to children around the world.

I served terms as a board member for the non-profit organizations Kids For Peace and worked with Just Like My Child Foundation. My husband and I are now working to propel our own foundation: The Shah Education and Exploration Foundation.

here, now, with you:

Words have been the love of my heart, the lila of my joy. Poetry has always filled me, lifted me, been the light of my life. So now, I share all of the above as the yoga of my soul: to advocate consciousness and compassion for change with my writing.