“Puja was my daughter’s yoga instructor. I cannot stress enough just how wonderful of an experience it was. We had worked with a lot different instructors and Puja was different and impactful in every way. The experience was much more than just a physical class, she made it an all-around learning experience by going into depth about the meaning and purpose of each pose. My daughter was extremely excited every Saturday morning to see her and by the time the class was done my daughter felt more peaceful, energized, and grounded. I could see it in her face; the connection she had made with her heart and mind. I would recommend Puja to all my friends and family. She isn’t just a yoga instructor, she is someone that practices what she teaches in all aspects of her life and I’m so thankful my daughter was able to experience this time with her.” -Mojgan Rady

“My two daughters (ages 4 & 6) have been taking yoga from Puja for the last year and a half.  They absolutely love it!  They both love Puja and love learning yoga from her.  I really appreciate the effort Puja makes to teach them the proper poses with the proper corresponding Sanskrit terminology.  Both of my girls return from their yoga class calm and happy.  I would highly recommend Puja for teaching yoga to children- she has an excellent ability to keep the children interested and at the same time teaching the fundamentals of yoga practice which they will be able to keep with them the rest of their lives.” -Punam Prahalad