my birthday: 30 reasons I love my 30’s


When I turned 30 two years ago, I remember feeling like it didn’t “feel” old. I didn’t really notice any thing different, I didn’t find any new wrinkles or extra white hair…but I was also in pregnancy bliss and loved every minute of getting over morning sickness the week before my birthday.

Then last year rolled around and I reflected on it more, as a new mom and as I starting thinking about my goals, and where I wanted to be “after 30”. Parts of me felt confused about it, but I was immersed in motherhood…I was just figuring it all out.

Now, at 32, I am starting to realize that I really do love my “30s”, (as I did my 20s and will I believe, hopefully find in my 40s).

I am embracing what it is to be post 20s emerging grad student/shifting style. In my late 20s, I remember the feeling of letting go when I donated many of those Guess jeans, sheer “going out” black tops for a more sophisticated drapey sweater and fair trade yoga pants. It felt like my “entering my 30s” look.

And not only in clothes. I started appreciating quality family time, reducing social obligations and carving out more time for myself.

(Yes, I love bubble baths with soulful music and reading my latest fiction book evenings…But I guess that wasn’t anything new- I have been doing that since my teens).

In the last year or so, I have found myself deeper in my own introspection, understanding my actions and thoughts more, feeling more connected to those around me and at a deeper seed of my intuition.

I can say that I love it here and now…so…well, happy birthday to me:)

Here are 30 reasons I love being in my 30s:

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