my birthday: 30 reasons I love my 30’s


When I turned 30 two years ago, I remember feeling like it didn’t “feel” old. I didn’t really notice any thing different, I didn’t find any new wrinkles or extra white hair…but I was also in pregnancy bliss and loved every minute of getting over morning sickness the week before my birthday.

Then last year rolled around and I reflected on it more, as a new mom and as I starting thinking about my goals, and where I wanted to be “after 30”. Parts of me felt confused about it, but I was immersed in motherhood…I was just figuring it all out.

Now, at 32, I am starting to realize that I really do love my “30s”, (as I did my 20s and will I believe, hopefully find in my 40s).

I am embracing what it is to be post 20s emerging grad student/shifting style. In my late 20s, I remember the feeling of letting go when I donated many of those Guess jeans, sheer “going out” black tops for a more sophisticated drapey sweater and fair trade yoga pants. It felt like my “entering my 30s” look.

And not only in clothes. I started appreciating quality family time, reducing social obligations and carving out more time for myself.

(Yes, I love bubble baths with soulful music and reading my latest fiction book evenings…But I guess that wasn’t anything new- I have been doing that since my teens).

In the last year or so, I have found myself deeper in my own introspection, understanding my actions and thoughts more, feeling more connected to those around me and at a deeper seed of my intuition.

I can say that I love it here and now…so…well, happy birthday to me:)

Here are 30 reasons I love being in my 30s:

1. Living in your truth means something, (i.e.doing what I love-writing and teaching children yoga).

2. Being a mom feels gratifying rather than a depressing life change.

3. I don’t sweat the small stuff like I did in my 20s. I am learning the art of letting go.

4. I am not concerned with “what old looks like”. The less I care and more I embrace my subtle body changes, the more compliments I receive anyway.

5. I love seeing my inner self’s growth.

6. My yoga practice deepens every year, more than it ever was in my 20s.

7. I like to sleep, eat well and listen to my body. Ten years ago at 22, I can’t say that was all the case.

8. My friends are of all ages, ranging from early 20s to early 50s. Being 30 something feels like the middle of both- like I can relate to either.

9. I actually have started to agree with my parents, (oh that’s what they meant...), on SOME things.

10. I still love to sing loudly in my car while driving alone, (or with my daughter), no matter how old or young I am…(Especially Halo by Beyoncé, don’t judge).

11. My creativity keeps shifting with life experience. Each year it’s a new petal, a new chapter, and always beautiful.

12. My library genres have expanded.

13. I have found what types of music fit my moods by now. I do not listen to the radio so have compiled songs of the last 2 decades with new songs by some of the artists…Or I can just pandora it;)

14. I can find answers in my grandmother’s eyes.

15. I can find truth in my daughter’s eyes.

16. Intimacy has more meaning.

17. Little indulgences make me happier. Like chocolate croissants and hot cocoa on a cloudy day.

18. My husband is still my best friend. For over half my life now. <3

19. My sister can find the 13 year old  in me sometimes. And still love me for it.

20. Being present feels easier, feels natural.

21. Quiet moments to myself are priceless rather than boring.

22. I connect with nature now. Everyday.

23. My little brother respects my “wise” opinions. And I find myself learning from his fresh aspect of life, too.

24. Being vegetarian feels good spiritually rather than just ethically for me now. I loved discovering that.

25. I constantly challenge my belief systems and thoughts to find true meaning rather than just accepting what I always knew.

26. I find compassion in situations more.

27. Traveling means more than beach vacations as it meant to me in my teens. It is volunteering in Africa, discovering soul and history in India, connecting to nature in Bali.

28. Old friends feel like family.

29. I am just so grateful for these years, this life.

30. I am happy, truly happy…and not looking all over the place for it.

It’s about being right here, right now.