collective rise.



It’s election day. Only a few hours from the results.

Some people feel that we don’t have any good candidates. I may agree that one candidate is not worthy

But I do not agree that she will win only because of her male opponent’s downfall, because, as usual, the stereotype that a woman wins when the man is not strong.

I am not saying that I agree 100 per cent with all that Hillary has put out there.

But when I study her as a candidate, she is a woman that can handle sh*#.

I’m not saying the millennial who wrote that viral article about Hillary Clinton is not right. There were some seriously valid points there.

But when I voted for Obama I heard some arguments.

When I voted in my first election for Al Gore, I heard some more.

Am I a democrat? No, I’m a woman who believes in having rights and choices.

I voted today not because I don’t have any good choices and for the mere sake of it. I had a good choice that I chose to vote for…because I believe it’s time a strong and qualified female took the office.

I voted because I have the right to vote and even with my friends who say “voting doesn’t matter”… I voted because I can.

Because it was more than a presidential election, but one that had me reflect on props (aka issues that matter in the place I call home).

You know less than 100 years ago, women could not vote.

Heck…I had one on one conversations with my grandparents who lived through a time where their country was taken over (British rule over India) and they could not vote. In their own damn country. (Shashi Tharoor had my attention in a recent article I read)

Can you imagine, America?

As Thanksgiving approaches we should be grateful for this ability to vote, to buy land, to have rights over our own bodies and children and so much more.

Talk to someone who lives in a tyranny. In a dictatorship.

And with the hate that this election ignited, it’s scary to think we could head there.

Hate is not what we should focus on.

We need to shift on coming together.

Especially if things don’t play out how we want. We all want something different.

Whoever wins, we as the people that live and breathe freedom should stay banded so that as a the collective, we can rise.

And so if you vote, protest, call, write to legislation…whatever you do, do what you believe with conviction.

Don’t sit back and expect the world to fall into place and run the way you want. Don’t sit back and complain without changing divisions to equations of peace through action…your action.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

That’s what this poem calls for.


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